2 Stroke MX Series


Marty SmithIt’s time to pull that 2 stroke out of the garage and race it again…We are bringing back 2 stroke Motocross!

We are offering a motocross series that will bring back affordable racing and it starts with 2 stroke motorcycles!  There will be classes for most bikes and racers of all ages.  We plan to run a full mini rider program on Saturday along with open practice after the mini’s and on Sunday we’ll have racing for bikes of all decades starting in the 70’s.  Motorcycles will be broken down into decade groups and classes will be Open age, 30+, 40+, 50+,55+ and 60+.  We will also offer women’s classes. 

Now here’s the fun and interesting part.  Since most of our classes are age classes, which are typically run what you brung, we are doing something completely different…we are going to handicap bikes!  Yes, that’s right, with the intent of leveling the field; we are going to handicap the final points.  A rider on a 125 has just as much chance of winning as a rider on an open bike…Four strokes are allowed on the modern class only, but will be handicapped as well…

Decade classes will be offered in all age groups.  Bikes classifications will be as such:

Pre 1981: (any bike up to 1980 model year), Pre 1987: (any bike up to 1986 model year), Pre 1997: (any bike up to 1996 model year), Pre 2007: (any bike up to 2006 model year) and modern class: (any bike built after 2006 model year) 

As a bonus, we will offer a pre- 1977 class open to any bike built in or before the 1976 model year.  Reasonable mods are allowed…lay down them shocks boys!  Here’s the real goodie!   This class has no entry fee…You race for free!

Bikes will be identified by number plate backgrounds.  125’s black, 250’s white and Open Bikes run Yellow, just like the old days..

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